Reputation and Point systems

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Reputation and Point systems

Post by CDL98 on Fri Aug 26, 2016 12:41 pm

Hello presidents, today brought some changes to our forum, which will bring more fun. Now we have reputation system and points. In this topic I will explain everything.

Reputation System: It's easy. Now in every topic or reply you have a thanks button, other users can click in this button if you help someone or other reason. Your reputation grows +3 points every button click. The default value is 0 you can get more. Note, you can click in the button just one time in the post, you can't click to other people on the post.

Points System: That's cool. Every post creation or reply you win some points. Each post you win +3 points, every reply you win +1 point. If you delete them this points decrease.

Enjoy! Smile

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