Have ideas on what we can do together here in this simulated world? Post them here!

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Have ideas on what we can do together here in this simulated world? Post them here!

Post by Miyagi on Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:28 pm

Hello! The Big Bang has just happened and an entire world full of cities and countries has been born!

tl;dr summary =  we can look to the strategy game AAR concept as a model, compose a summary of events with images and maps (like maybe a news report!) and regularly share this over at Paradox forums on one single forum post.

I'd like to contribute an idea that I think might play a big role in getting USN on its feet after we set up the core foundation of it.  It's also somewhere we all can get ideas and inspiration for this sort of a project!  

Back story (in case you didn't know this exists):  For a long while I've been having fun over at the forums at Paradox's forums where players create stories for their simulation games.  In other games it's called AAR, or After Action Reports.  For C:S it's a City Journal.  The player makes a story (or just reports what they are doing with images included).  The story tellers are always the most popular, and it's fun to make images to go along with it. Just like here the excitement over flags, world (and country) maps and events will be a fun activity for all.

Although my first thought would have been to do this over at the Paradox forums to begin with, Since we're expecting to be a large group and not individuals, it would make sense to evolve the story line here, gather up our collective AAR's here, and then have one mega forum post over at Paradox with the summary of events oer here.  Of course, this wouldn't happen for a while.. until we have everything set up and people already playing and making the first contributions.  But after that is done, having a place out on Paradox to post the summary of the USN world events as a single AAR /city journal topic would be ideal.  As you'll see city journal and AARs get a LOT of views. That will start bringing in a lot of players. Hmm, that might overwhelm us with players... but oh well, that would be a good problem. More fun!

Location of Paradox forum Cities Skylines City Journals: (I can't post a hyperlink yet cause I'm too new lol)  

Country / History Strategy AAR Inspiration for you:
1. An example of an interactive AAR (where the readers participate in decisions)

2.  **Quite possibly the most hilarious AAR you will ever read** as told through comics (funny esp if you're a fan of strategy games, history, culture etc). From Victoria 2:

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